Excel Systems
WinCom Payroll 7

A locally developed payroll solutions compliant to the Malaysian Labor Law. An efficient tool to compute salaries, overtime, allowances, deductions, advances, service point, retire benefits, bonuses and arrears Payment (Back pay).

Benefits Minimum System Requirements Software Features
  • Security
    Protect your database by specify user ID accessibility by module, menu, Report, page & fields.
  • HR Functions
    In built HR functions such as Detail employee information, Leave management, Loan Management & career Progression Tracking.
  • Accuracy
    Eliminates human error in computation of pay from manual calculation.
  • The Power to Print
    Option to print management or statutory reports as at when needed. Event historical reports can be printed without having to restore past month's payroll data.
  • Pentium or equivalent processor.
  • Windows 95 & above.
  • 64MB RAM & above.
  • CD-ROM Drive.
  • Hard disk with at least 40MB of free space.
  • VGA or higher resolution display.
  • Laser printer (Optional).
  • Dot matrix printer (136 columns).
  • Mouse or other pointing device.
  • Easy to use - developed using Windows 32bits technology with object oriented programming. Full multi-tasking systems with well designed user interface.
  • Pay Computation comply to Malaysian Labour Law.
  • Provide powerful & flexible tools in formulating pay policies.
  • Data encryption of financial value to prevent unauthorized external excess.
  • Statutory compliance via diskette download, hardcopy printout or modem.
  • Handle various pay mode, such as by cash, by cheque, by bank or suspend.
  • Definable spreadsheet to speed up for data entries.
  • Export function allow you to export data into Microsoft Excel, Words, Lotus, DBF or ASCII format.
  • Over 80 Management & Statutory reports are available in Laser or Dot Matrix.